Graphic Des!gn


5co Design is a creative team of freelance professionals. We know that a good image is the first and most important step of your development. We have the ideas and skills to create the overall image of your NGO or business project.
Our goal is to satisfy our clients and surpass their expectations. We constantly improve our skills to contribute to your development with good ideas and professional solutions.
Our clients’ success is a measure of our own. To reflect this, we approach them as partners in every project we work on. Our honest behavior is our main rule. That is why we will always communicate with you directly, without unnecessary terms and concepts.

What we do:

• We work in the area of graphic design, prepress, web design and advertising presentations
• Design, development and prepress of advertising materials (catalogues, folders, menus, business cards, booklets, book covers, etc.)
• Advertising banners for newspapers and magazines
• Website development
• Animated (GIF) banners for websites
• Interactive online and offline presentations
• Photo retouching
• Design and prepress of product packaging, paper bags, etc.
• Image vectorization
• Audio and video editing


Graphic design




Video Production


Video Editing